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Tree Trimming Charleston, West Virginia

Tree Trimming: Shaping Healthy Trees

Tree trimming is more than just removing damaged or dead limbs. Proper trimming, also known as pruning, helps the tree grow stronger, healthier branches. Trimming helps trees produce more fruit or flowers, depending on the species. Regular trimming is also important because hanging or dead limbs can break off and fall, causing damage or injury to people, pets, and structures. This is why Noel Tree Service is the company to hire when your trees need trimming. Our crew will cut back the dead branches, making room for new branches to grow. Call us at (304) 859-3544 to strengthen and beautify your trees.

What to Look for When Inspecting Your Trees

As a property owner, you should inspect your trees to check their health every season. Problems can develop between inspections. Here are some of the warning signs that your trees require care:

  • Decayed or hollow areas on the trunk or main limbs.
  • Peeling bark on the trunk.
  • Raised soil or exposed roots. This can mean an unstable root system, making the tree unsafe.
  • Branches that grow inward or cross. Crossing branches can rub against each other in heavy weather and degrade, leading to branch drop-off, which is unsafe.
  • Branches growing in a crotch angle. These limbs tend to be weak, and inhibit healthy bark growth. One of these branches should be removed.
  • Is the tree growing near or into power lines or telephone lines? This can be an extremely dangerous situation and should be handled by a professional.

If you see any of these issues, call Noel Tree Service for help.

Brush Removal and Trimming Done for You

Of course, trees are not the only plants that can cause trouble on your property. Sometimes bushes and brush need to removed or trimmed, as well. If you are a homeowner, they may be embarrassing to look at. If you are a businessowner, they may create an unwanted and unprofessional demeanor for your business. Either way, brush trimming or brush removal is not a task that you want to tackle alone. Contact Noel Tree Service to do it for you.